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Natural Fitness™ Program

Natural Fitness™ is a body-weight centered fitness program that focuses on the natural ways your body was designed to move. Without machines or weights, you will build deep and functional strength that you can actually put to use in daily life. You will be training variations of classic calisthenics, such as pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, as well as innumerable athletic movements inspired by all walks of life, from dance to mixed martial arts. Along the way you will be shredding away excess fat, building lean muscle mass, and getting in the absolute best shape of your life. Discover what it feels like live up to your body’s movement and fitness potential. Get started with Natural Fitness™ today.

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! A core emphasis of our program is to ensure that all exercises we train are accessible to all levels through a step-by-step progression system. Each exercise has a very stable beginner version for those with any limitations or who are just getting started, and will step-by-step progress to higher-level advanced versions so that everyone always has a goal to chase.

Free Intro Class!

Access to this program requires membership. See membership options below:

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Start your Transformation Journey with a Relictree Body Assessment. This is key. You want to be able to track your results, see where you’ve started and see your big change.

188This full-body, 30 minute assessment includes:

Resting Metabolic Rate Calculation
7 Site Circumference Measurement
7 Site Skinfold Caliper Body Fat Assessment
Before/After Picture
Height/Weight Accurately assessed by Physician’s Scale

*Tip  Purchase two Relictree Body Assessments at the same time and schedule them simultaneously. Having a scheduled assessment in your future will inspire you to workout more often–giving you better results!


Group Exercise Classes

In addition to our core Natural Fitness™ program, we offer a variety of Group Exercise Classes for you to explore all the joy and benefits of an active lifestyle.

Current Group Exercise Classes:

Slow Flow Yoga   –  Created to help you get out of the mindset that everything needs to be fast and furious, this class allows you to go deeper by slowing down some poses and flowing others.  From beginners to conditioned yogis, Slow Flow Yoga gives you the opportunity to escape the constant chatter of the mind and to work with the body mindfully so that you can reach areas that have become restricted or stagnant.  This class will poke and prod your body back to life and wellness, while keeping you safe during our practice.

The Nia Technique – 
 Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and the healing arts.  It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Nia teaches you how to get into your body and cultivate body-centered awareness.

1-ON-1 Training

Individual and small group instruction in Natural Fitness™ is also available. Click here for pricing and scheduling information.